2021 Lincoln Best Ball

New Dates

August 21st & 22nd

How the sign-up process will work:

If you had a tee time for the originally scheduled Best Ball, your tee time will remain for 1 week. You have until 5:00PM Friday, August 6th to call 231-766-3636 (ext 1 or 3) to confirm you still want your tee time. You must speak to General Manager Jeff Gowell to confirm, the golf staff doesn’t have access to the sign up & tee time sheets.

If you do not confirm by August 6th at 5:00PM, your tee time will be opened and given to the first person on the waiting list.

If you did not have a tee time for the Best Ball, you can still call and get added to the waiting list and we will add your team as spots become available.

Call 231-766-3636 (ext 1 or 3)