Nine & Dine

Lincoln Golf Club Nine & Dine

Members $20-$40 per person
Non Members $30-$60 per person

Friday June 17 – 6:00pm

6 person teams
Take the best tee shot and play two threesome’s.
Followed by a delicious Chicken Dinner
Sign up with your full 6 person team or we can place you with others.

Friday July 1 – 6:00pm

4 person teams
“Step Aside”
Whatever shot you take sits out the next shot.
This will be a random draw for your partners just prior to play starting, Let’s Make some Friends!!!
Followed by a Burger Night

Friday July 22 – 6:00pm

6 person teams
“Vegas Scramble”
Dice is rolled each hole and that determines whose tee shot to use.
Followed by a BBQ Meal

Friday August 12 – 6:00pm

4 person teams
Combination of scramble, best ball with a switch.
Followed by a Food Truck for your enjoyment

Friday August 26 – 6:00pm

6 person teams
“String Thing”
Everyone gets an amount of string then cut it off to count as a made putt.
Followed by a Seafood Dinner

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