Upcoming Events



🗓️ Friday, May 26th at 6pm – “Bring a Friend” Get ready to share the fun and beauty of Lincoln Golf Club with your friends. Members are welcome to bring a friend for free! Enjoy 9 holes of golf, food, and fun. Plus, if your friend decides to join, we have a special membership deal lined up for them.


🗓️ Saturday, May 27th at 3pm – “High-Low Shootout” Join us for an alternate shot game where teams are picked from a list of players based on a high handicap partnering with a low handicap. It’s a great opportunity to learn from each other and improve your game!


🗓️ Sunday, May 28th – “Callaway Fitting Day” Ready for a gear upgrade? Sign up to get fit for your next driver, irons, or wedges. Make sure your gear is perfectly suited for your game.


🗓️ Saturday, June 3rd at 9am – “27 hole – 2 man” It’s time to team up for a 2-man game across 27 holes, playing alternate shot, best ball, and then alternate shot again. We have various flights including women, senior, and super seniors.


🗓️ Sunday, June 4th at 1pm – “Memorial Scholarship Tournament” Join us for a 4-person scramble honoring past members and celebrating high school graduates.


🗓️ Thursday, June 8th, 3pm-7pm – “Taylormade Fitting Day” Another chance to upgrade your gear. Sign up and get fit for your favorite Taylormade Equipment.